Product Name: Multi-Dulpex Filter Work Group

Nums:2-6 Groups

Material: 304SS


Inlet&Outlet: DN50-D100

Product description: China Filter Bag supplier, Multi-Dulpex Filter Work Group, Filter Housing Manufacturers/ Suppliers

Product details

Multi-Dulpex filter work group is a filter by two or more stainless steel bag filter in parallel with a novel and reasonable structure, good sealing, circulation ability, easy operation and many other advantages, wide range of applications, adaptability Multi-purpose filtration equipment. In particular, small side leakage rate of the filter bag can accurately ensure the filtration accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag, filter the basic material consumption, making the operation cost reduction. Suitable for liquid fine filtration in paints, adhesives, resin dyes, inks and oil products, pharmaceuticals, latexes, chemicals and other industries. Filter fineness guaranteed by the filter bag, the middle without sampling retest, and can be equipped with pump assembly on the mobile cart, to move to any production line for filtering.


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