Product Name: Size 2 Bag Filter Housing


Material: 304SS

Flow: 40T/H

Inlet&Outlet: DN50

Product description: Size 2 Bag Filter Housing, Single, Multi-Bag, Duplex Housings and Bag Filter Systems - In Stock !

Product details

Bag filter with side into the way out of the way through the pipeline pressure liquid filter media into or pumped into the bag filter bag body, to be filtered liquid medium through the stainless steel plate punching support Blue Filter Bag Of the filter, resulting in the ideal solid-liquid separation to achieve the liquid medium is filtered effect. Different filtering accuracy, depending on the accuracy of the filter bag.

Bag filter
Since the liquid medium flows into the inside of the bag filter barrel and then flows in from the top of the filter bag, the liquid can be uniformly distributed on the filtering surface of the entire filter bag, so that the fluid distribution in the entire layer is substantially constant and the negative influence of turbulence is small. Good filtering effect.
Bag filter has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable, good sealing, strong circulation capacity, easy operation and many other advantages. In particular, small side leakage rate of the filter bag, can accurately ensure the filtering accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag. Bag filter inside and outside the surface using mechanical sandblasting polishing, uniform, easy to clean. Our bag filter can also be based on customer requirements, providing the form of heating with a bag filter, adjustable support tripod or hook to meet the different customers.

Bag filter material: 304,316 stainless steel, carbon steel, polypropylene and so on. Filtration accuracy: 0.5,1,5,10,25,50,100,200,300,400,500,600 ... 1000μm

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