The problems of Bag filter application :
1. When to replace the filter bag?
There are two ways to judge when to replace the filter bag in practical application:
1) Roughly determine the replacement time based entirely on experience.
2) In the bag filter inlet and outlet tubes are installed on the pressure gauge, pressure gauge through the front and rear display to determine the time to replace the filter bag, the filter bag can withstand the general pressure of 0.5 ~ 1kg / cm2 Or so, when the pressure reaches this range, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the bag rupture, affecting the filtering effect, not because of small loss.
Step by step filtering
Bag filter installed in series to achieve level by level filter.
If installed in front of the filter for high-precision filtration, can significantly reduce the cost of filtration. The same can also filter sand filter and bag filter combination, so as to further enhance the filter quality, reduce the cost of filter bag consumption.
Combining self-cleaning machines, centrifugal and bag filters, we can use them individually or in tandem with filters of other principles to achieve the desired result.
3. How to achieve non-stop filtering?
Bag filter installed in parallel to ensure the continuity of the filter, or increase the flow, as shown in Figure parallel installation, alternating replacement of filter bags, to maintain continuous filtration.