With the improvement of national air emission standards and the enhancement of public environmental awareness, baghouse increasingly occupy the dominant position in industrial smoke and dust control. The research on its automatic control technology is an indispensable condition to promote the continuous progress of bag-type dust removal technology and its popularization and application. On the one hand, dust control requirements are getting higher and higher, on the other hand, factory management, network control, information system for dust control put forward new requirements. At the same time, control theory, computer technology and network technology rapid development of new theories and technologies emerging, and will soon be used in the production process control. The intelligent control, computer networks and expert systems, such as the application of automatic bag dust removal system is imperative.

(1) Dust removal equipment is required to be equipped with the same level of control equipment as the main production process equipment, and to be uniformly managed and maintained.
In the past, people simply think that the dust removal device is an environmental protection equipment in the design, manufacture, production, maintenance and management of the degree of attention is far less than the main process equipment. Now requires "clean production", integral production and environmental protection, production equipment to run must meet environmental requirements, dust collector become an important part of the production process. In addition, from the operation management and maintenance, in terms of saving human resources and costs, dust removal equipment and process equipment unified management, no longer set up a separate dust control room. In the factory management network, also requires the operating parameters of the dust removal system. This requires dust control equipment hardware, software and the main process equipment unified.

(2) to achieve the best control of the dust removal system, to explore new control modes.
Dust control has always been a simple and rough control. Cleaning control commonly used timing control or constant pressure control. The timing of cleaning is a cleaning cycle at preset intervals and control the work of cleaning means, is open-loop control; constant pressure control in accordance with the differential pressure cleaning dust import and export, the pressure difference exceeds the upper limit start cleaning , Below the lower limit to stop cleaning; also some of these two control methods used in combination. Most of the temperature control using two-bit adjustment or a simple quasi-proportional adjustment. These are the lowest level of control from the perspective of control theory terms, make the dust removal system is always running at its optimum operating conditions, such as maximum collection efficiency, low operating costs, compounding the smallest amount of wind, must explore new ways of control.