Activated carbon filters are common water treatment equipment, is divided into industrial and household use. Activated carbon filter treatment of activated carbon used in raw water very strong adsorption, activated carbon in the filter adsorption of raw water impurities, including microorganisms, particulates and so on.

Therefore activated carbon activated carbon filter for the treatment of raw water, the greatest impact on the performance of a direct impact on water quality. Therefore, the activated carbon filter sub-ah use regular backwash, rinse activated carbon adsorption of impurities. Because too much impurities in activated carbon adsorption not only failed to purify the raw water, but also on the treated water pollution, unable to work activated carbon must be promptly replaced.
Activated carbon filter cartridge raw materials are usually wood, coconut shell, shell, plants in the process of growing from the soil to draw a variety of chemical substances, if the soil is high in arsenic, the corresponding wood, coconut shell, shell Will also contain arsenic, and lead to arsenic in activated carbon. In addition, arsenic is contained in the fuels (such as coal) used during carbonization and activation, and is carried to the activated carbon. Arsenic is added to chemicals added to activated carbon (such as zinc chloride) and also to activated carbon. When activated carbon, filter elements, membrane elements, water filters, etc. are contaminated by bacteria during their manufacture and installation, they dissolve in soaked water and multiply in water, resulting in excessive total number of colonies.

Therefore, the use of activated carbon filters, select good quality activated carbon and how to maintain the use of the key is, I hope the above brief introduction can help you to speed up the familiar with activated carbon filters.